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We invite you to complete the three steps to get familiar with Market Access Map features and develop your analytical skills.
First watch the video tutorials, then click on the exercise to download the Word file and complete it. Upon completion of all exercises, take the online test to become a proficient Market Access Map user.

In addition to a series of free training videos and user guides, we also offer Webinar capacity building sessions customized to your needs to help your company’s staff optimize their use of our tools. Webinars can be conducted for a group of up to 15 staff with a maximum of 2 hours per session. By incorporating the latest video conference technology, we can achieve a proficient and cost-effective training. Should you be interested, please contact us.



Step 1 : Introduction on market access

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Step 2 : Search and compare tariff conditions

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Complete MAcMap Exercises (Part 1)
Complete MAcMap Exercises (Part 2)


Step 3 : Search other market access conditions

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Step 4 : Detailed tariff analysis and simulations

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Complete MAcMap Exercises (Part 3)


Step 5 : Data download

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To access the full version, please see the table below and consult the subscription options and fees.
Features Registered users
Registered users
Quick search: Data at the national tariff line level on tariffs applied by more than 190 importing countries and basic comparative statistics.
Non-tariff measures, such as technical regulations, SPS and custom formalities, trade remedies as well as rules and certificates of origin.
yes yes
Advanced analysis: Comparative analysis of multiple products, markets and suppliers as well as reduction simulations for applied tariffs and bound rates. no yes
Raw data download: Download of large datasets. no yes
Country analysis: Tariff averages for broad economic sectors; tariff&trade indicators; trade agreements over time. yes yes
Options: User- defined product and country groups, selectionof default setting such the AVE methodology. no yes
Support materials: User guide, glossary, video tutorials and useful links yes yes
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